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MT 1 Johnson
Andrew Woodward (G)
Aiden Ali
Will Binkley
Tommy Burgess
Leo Cicchello
Adrian Gualdron
Edrick Himley
Denys Huyda
T. J. McMahon
Will Tompkins
Benjamin Varshavsky

Head Coach: Ken Johnson
Team Manager: Katie Tompkins


MT 2 Lother

Ethan Weiner (G)
Maks Budz
Kayleigh Dunford
Bennett Forman
Luka Kujundzic
Thomas Laschen
Bryce Lother
Cayden Pleasant
Ryu Seki
Cale Tyrakowski
Zachary Zheng

Head Coach: Chad Lother


MT 3 Holeczy

Carter Oclon (G)
Avery Ali
Brock Brogan
Luke Churak
Joey Davidson
Dominic DiNicola
Jameson Downs
Tucker Gornick
Aaron Krivopisk
Jack McGrath
Preston Rosengarden

Head Coach: Roger Holeczy


MT 4 Johnson #2

Atticus Halpin (G)
Drew Altergott
Sam Christian
Dominic Cimino
Nicholas Cimino
Garrett Dombrowski
Jake Ericson
Sean Love
Kirill Prokopovich
Ethan Ramsay
Caden Steres
Luca Tomaino
Alex Zhang

Head Coach: Ken Johnson

Asst. Coach: Charice


MT 5 McPherren

Nathan Artus
Landon Beisner
Blake Boches
Jake Johnson
Hayden Kozar
Samuel Kuznetsov
Jeffry Lin
Connor Lovejoy
Owen Makey
Michael Markko
Gunnar McPherren
Elian Porres

Head Coach: Jeff McPherren


Sport Ngin App Available for Mobile Phones

By LM 10/07/2014, 11:15am CDT

Have your team's schedule right on your phone!

The Avs web page is now compatible with the SPORT NGIN App. Now you will have access to your team's roster and most up to date schedule right on your mobile phone.

Just search Sport Ngin in your app store and download it for free. Then enter your teams code, located on each individual team's page in the upper right had corner, and add the team to your list.

Email Mite Director Ken Johnson for More Information.

Ken Johnson

Mite Hockey Director

Phone: 847.996.6046

Sandra Anderson

Assistant to the Directors

Phone: 847.996.0948